News of Ravachol


Ravachol Plays a Funny Joke in Court—Date for the Trial Set

Paris, April 8.—The trial of Ravachol has been fixed for April 25. M. Beurepac, the public prosecutor, will personally conduct the prosecution. At the examination today Ravachol played a joke on the large crowd in the courtroom. The prisoner suddenly produced an article of a cylindrical shape, of which a good view could not be obtained owing to it being partially covered by the anarchist’s hand. It had the appearance of a dynamite cartridge. The prisoner said that he was tired of life and was about to plow himself and all the other persons in the building to pieces, making at the same time a motion as if to hurl the object into the midst of the frightened crowd which filled the room. Instantly there was a stampede among the spectators who with the judge fled from the room in terror. The frightened officials would not return until they learned that the article which Ravachol has in his possession was only a banana.

The Milwaukee Sentinel (April 9, 1892): 1.